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The Thinking Woman's Guide to Breast Cancer

by Janet Maker, Ph.D.

Breast cancer, already the most common cancer in the United States, is projected to rise by 50% by 2030, according to researchers at the National Cancer Institute (NCI). They expect 441,000 new cases in 2030, up from 283,000 in 2011. This despite the $500 billion that has been poured into research since President Nixon declared war on cancer in 1971.

This year, more than 40,000 women are expected to die from breast cancer in the United States, and the “standard of care” they will receive — some combination of surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, and hormones– will not save them.

When Dr. Maker was diagnosed in 2011, she, like most people, knew almost nothing about breast cancer. What she did know is that she didn’t feel safe simply following her doctors’ advice. She needed to understand for herself all her treatment options, the statistical outcomes for each option, and all the potential side effects, so she could make informed decisions. Because of her academic background and expertise as a researcher, she discovered a great deal about the disease and its treatments that few lay people are aware of.

The Thinking Woman’s Guide to Breast Cancer is the story of her journey and the things she learned along the way. This information helped her to make informed decisions about her treatment, and it also helped her to make the lifestyle changes that she hopes will keep her in remission. This is the book she wished she had before, during, and after her treatment.

Dr. Maker is retired from a distinguished career as a professor and author of leading textbooks in the field of College Reading. She lives in Los Angeles with her two dogs.

You can keep in touch at TWGbreastcancer.com. Read blog posts and subscribe to a free newsletter with updates about breast cancer.

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Publication Date: February, 2017
Distributor: Ingram
Trim: 6×9

ISBN 978-0-9976619-0-3
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